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My name is Anishia Denee

ADHD Coach, Behaviour Analyst, fellow ADHD-er, cat mom

I am passionate about supporting neurodivergent humans on their quest to love themselves, reach their dreams, & design a life that works for their brains. 


Let me introduce myself...

I am a part of the late-diagnosis club. I was diagnosed with ADHD in my second year of my undergraduate degree. Although the signs were there earlier, a flexible supportive family that provided structure, a love of learning, and a hefty dose of anxiety and perfectionism (though not ideal) got me through life up to that point. 

...And then I moved out on my own in my first year of university. Goodbye structure, hello huge classes with minimal accountability and support. Things started to fall apart - my grades were low, my basic self-care was slipping, and I nearly failed some classes. It felt like everyone knew something that I didn't. 

My diagnosis came as a huge relief - there wasn't anything wrong with me, my brain just works different. This kickstarted my journey to find how to thrive as my authentic, neurodivergent self & how to function in a world that was not designed for ADHD brains like mine.

Since then, I have finished a masters degree in Behaviour Analysis, started a successful company as a behaviour analyst, pivoted to ADHD coaching, and built a second business as an ADHD coach. 

I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with a masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis. This means that I look at how someone's environment affects their behaviour and design ways to help them reach their goals. I have worked in a behaviour consulant role for 4 years and have 10 years experience working with autistic and ADHD kids (and their often neurodivergent families). A few months after passing my board exam, I started my ADHD Life Coach Certification program at the iACT Center. As a coach, I continue to use my background in the science of behaviour analysis to better understand how the environment can support or prevent people from reaching their goals.

Being in a consulting role as a behaviour analyst has shown me that telling people what to do is not the most effective way for someone to create long-term behaviour change. It may lead to some initial changes when motivation and novelty are high, but then things revert back to usual when we hit the inevitable bumps along the way - it is not sustainable for our ADHD brains.  As a coach, I will work alongside you to co-create a collaborative, non-judgemental, and safe space where you can explore options, face challenges, and navigate obstacles from a place of curiosity & self-compassion. 




Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Psychology

I attended the University of British Columbia from 2010 to 2015, where I studied Psychology. This is where I was first diagnosed with ADHD and my long and winding pathway to ADHD coaching began.

Masters of Professional Education (MPEd), Applied Behaviour Analysis

I attended Western University from 2018 to 2020. I completed a degree in professional education, specializing in Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

Board Certfied Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

I was certified as a BCBA in June 2021. This required 1500 supervised hours, a masters degree and passing a rigorous board exam. 

Certified ADHD Life Coach


I completed my training as a Certified ADHD Life Coach through the International ADHD Coach Training Center in December 2022. This required completion of specialized coursework on ADHD as well as coaching, working with a mentor coach and completing 25 hours of practice coaching.


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