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On The Quest for the Elusive Rest

Lately, I have been trying to learn how to slow down and embrace rest. Maybe it’s a winter thing or perhaps a “post-30” thing, but I’ve come to realize it’s an essential part of breaking out of the “boom/bust” cycle that feeds into chronic burnout.

But how do you rest when it feels like every fibre of your being is rebelling against this idea? When every time you settle down to rest, restlessness and/or anxiety spike, and your brain starts racing?


Here’s some neurodivergent-friendly ways to rest:

  • Consider sensory regulation first

    • Include fidgets or a sensory tool to increase stimulation while resting (blanket, oils, etc.)

  • Use your voice to regulate

    • This can include things like talking to yourself or someone else, reading out loud, humming, or singing

  • Take off the pressure to sleep (because it can be super challenging for us neurodivergent people to actually sleep) and consider non-sleep alternatives like meditations or NSDR

  • Engage with your current hyperfixation or special interest to recharge your batteries

  • Snuggle with a pet!

Happy resting!

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